www.vegetablegrafting.eu: much more than a chart to choosing grafting

You are currently viewing www.vegetablegrafting.eu: much more than a chart to choosing grafting

Almost 20 years of experience with grafting in the horticultural field concentrated and available in this website.

The spread of the grafting practice brought confusion between farmers which found themselves in the middle of a crucial choice for the success of their own production campaign: Which is the best “foot” to whom rely the cultivation ? Which grafting will adapt the best with the company needs? Through the last few years we worked honestly and clearly in order to give the right information to the operators of this field about the advantages that come using our products. Through many years we collected images, data, experiences and witnesses and it is for this reason that we decided to create a dedicated space/website/platform to share with you all of this. With vegetablegrafting.eu we want to face extensively the horticultural grafting subject with a special focus on the results that our varieties achieved on field.

That is the reason why we do not offer you a “recipe” to follow but professional experiences to share with you. The heart of this website is not composed from the different products but from the blog articles that we share with info and experiences that come directly from the field.

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